Dermaplaning Perth

Peach fuzz be gone!

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If you want that celeb skin glow on a budget, book yourself in for a Dermaplaning treatment at our clinic in Applecross!

Give me the lowdown

Dermaplaning is a physical exfoliation of the skin using a surgical blade that removes dead skin cells and vellus hair (catch ya later peach fuzz!) It’s a super effective exfoliating treatment that’s gentle on the skin, promotes cell renewal and stimulates collagen and elastin (hello silky-smooth, glowy skin!) A nourishing antioxidant peel is applied post-treatment, and after some chill time under the LED light, you can bet your bottom dollar you’ll be walking out the door with skin as smooth as a baby’s butt! Your skincare will also penetrate more effectively and makeup will apply flawlessly too. What’s not to love?!

Is it right for me?

Dermaplaning is an excellent treatment for anyone wanting a seriously smooth and totally glowing complexion. Great for uneven skin tone and texture, dull, sensitive or ageing skin. Perfect pick-me-up pre-event! Not suitable for active or pustular acne, dark skin tones or skin that is prone to keloid scarring.

Did somebody say benefits?

Gentle exfoliation of fine vellus hair leaves skin feeling silky smooth Makes your skin glowy AF, fast! Increases circulation and skin brightness Skincare products penetrate more effectively Makeup glides on more effortlessly and evenly Perfect pre-party treatment when you want that extra glow!

How many treatments will I need?

After a single dermaplaning treatment at our Perth clinic your skin will be a heck of a lot smoother and brighter (minus the peach fuzz). Best results are seen from 2-3 treatments, 4-6 weeks apart. For hair removal, repeat treatments will be required according to the growth cycle of your hair.

Is there any downtime?

Dermaplaning treatments require no downtime at all and are totally painless (you may feel a slight tingling or tightening sensation afterwards) but other than that, you’re good to go!

Handy to know

You can rest assured your facial hair will NOT grow back thicker or darker after your dermaplaning treatment! On rare occasions, very small nicks in the skin can occur which is the reason we can’t perform this treatment on skin conditions like pustular acne, trauma, dark skin tones or skin types that are prone to keloid scarring.

SC Pro Tip

Every dermaplaning treatment at our Perth clinic is paired with a Metabolic Peel and this combo is excellent for treating sensitive skin. You can also enjoy regular dermaplaning treatments during pregnancy and breastfeeding to keep your skin looking glowy and fresh! We love this treatment for a little pre-event skin pep up. Your smooth af skin will have your makeup gliding on with ease!