Signature Microcurrent Facial

An electric, intensifying work out for your face, without the pain!

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Puffiness, not here.

Skin is sculpted, toned, brighter & tighter.

It’s like your face just went to the gym.

Have a big event coming up, or do you want to promote long term anti-ageing skin health? Yes, and yes. Our Signature Microcurrent Facial is non-surgical and basically gives you an entire face lift, tone and sculpt– without the pain! Not to mention, it provides both lymphatic circulation and lymphatic drainage, redefining the look of your skin’s overall complexion and getting rid of any puffiness along the way.

We currently offer two different Signature Microcurrent Facials at our Perth clinic, the Signature Sculpt and Lift and the Electric Dermaplaning Facial.

Give me the lowdown

Our BRAND-NEW treatments – our Signature Microcurrent Facials – also more commonly known as a Microcurrent Facial or Electric Facials overseas, is an Australian first right here in Perth and exclusive to SC (Yep, how bloody lucky are we)! They basically give you a face lift – without the intense surgery, pain, and recovery time, and they’re used by all the celebs before a big event (think: Oscars, Golden Globes – you name it!), because results are instant. But with ongoing treatments, the list of benefits for your skin is endless. During your Signature Microcurrent Facial in our Perth clinic, our practitioners will use a state-of-the-art MyoLift MD, a professional, clinical-only device with a microamp range of between 175-800, which defines it as a true microcurrent. This TGA/FDA approved and cleared device releases a true microcurrent which stimulates chemical reactions in the body to repair and heal at the cellular level such as ATP, lymph flow, collagen, and elastin production. During your Signature Microcurrent Facial, the MyoLift MD device conducts a microcurrent microamp range that is the same current the body produces on its own. The MyoLift MD device has unique waveforms that are controlled by the practitioner (can be switched on and off, up, or down, for bespoke treatments) to stimulate lymphatic circulation, lymphatic drainage, reprogram muscles to lengthen, firm loose tissue, assist in reducing the appearance of deep dermal wrinkles, refine texture and allow ionised substances of collagen and elastin to pass into the epidermis. So, a lot of technical words, and what does all this mean? Well, after your Signature Microcurrent treatment, your skin tone is noticeably different- your face looks slimmer, tighter and like you’ve had a face lift with the added appearance of a cheek lift, changing and lifting the overall shape of your face. SIGN.US.UP. IMMEDIATELY. Before and after your Signature Microcurrent Facial in our Perth clinic, our practitioners will take photos of your face to showcase the incredible results you’ll achieve after just one treatment.

Types of Signature Microcurrent Facials we offer at SC

Because of the functionality of the MyoLift MD device and the waveforms it provides, we’re able to completely customise our facials to suit our client’s and their skin needs. We currently offer two different Signature Microcurrent Facials at our Perth clinic, the Signature Sculpt and Lift (60 mins), and the Electric Dermaplaning Facial (60 mins), both are equally amazing in our opinion and choosing which one we love best, would be like choosing a favourite child. Not sure what facial you need or what’s right for your skin type? We’re here to help. Always.

What skin irregularities can be treated?

Our Signature Microcurrent Facials can treat scarring, sun damage, rosacea, and redness, stimulates collagen and improves overall skin texture, and reduces signs of ageing, fine lines and wrinkles.

Is it right for me?

Don’t want to go under the needle or inject your face? So, how do you wind back the clock then? Cue: our Signature Microcurrent Facials. As results are instant, it’s ideal for same-day events, or simply book in frequently to achieve long-term benefits. If you suffer from acne, or rosacea, have sun damage or scarring, our Signature Microcurrent Facials will be your new best friend. We do not recommend this treatment for pregnant babes.

Did somebody say benefits?

Decrease inflammation, oedema, puffiness and swelling on the face (sounds like a tired mum’s dream). Skin is tighter and brighter. Improved muscle tone Assists in reducing and treating acne. Reduces signs of scarring and sun damage. Improves elasticity in the skin. Assists the Golgi Tendon to release the tension on the muscles that are attached to the skin to soften fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging. Improves rosacea and reduces redness. Increases natural elastin and collagen production. Hydrates and revitalises skin.

How many treatments will I need?

The beauty of our Signature Microcurrent Facials is that they can be a standalone treatment – a once-off perfect pre big event, wedding, or red-carpet look. Or, for ongoing and long-term anti-ageing benefits, join our Face Workout Program, book in and come as often as you like to achieve the best results.

How long will results last?

Results from our Signature Microcurrent Facials will vary depending on your age, your skin’s hydration, and your skin’s condition. Results will be noticeable for 2-3 days after your treatment, but if treatments are consistent and often, muscle memory through repetitive and consistent treatments, will allow the skin to increase its natural elastin and collagen production over time, whilst toning and sculpting the muscles in your face. Meaning, the more often you come, the better and more noticeable your results will be.

Is there any downtime?

ZERO downtime. Skin is left tighter, more toned and glowy and ready for makeup to be applied.

Handy to know

The MyoLift MD device used in our Signature Microcurrent Facials is only currently available at Skin Collective, and in no other skin clinics in Perth, WA.

SC Pro Tip

To get the most out of your treatment results-wise we recommend BOOSTING our Signature Microcurrent Facials with other treatments such as, Neolifting techniques, Dermaplaning, Ultrasound, LED and/or Clinical Peels for the ultimate pain-free face lift and sculpt! Not sure which treatment you want to boost your skin with? Ask us! We’re here to help.