Healite II LED Therapy Perth

Glow baby, glow.

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A skin treatment that does it all, our Heatlite II LED therapy treatment offered at our Perth clinic is the glow-inducing all-rounder you’ve been searching for!

Give me the lowdown

If you’re looking for a skin treatment that does it all, LED therapy is the glow-inducing all-rounder you’ve been searching for! The Healite II LED therapy treatment is our weapon of choice in-clinic, a gentle treatment that uses low level light via three wavelengths to activate the cellular recovery process, reducing inflammation, encouraging tissue healing, promoting skin rejuvenation and controlling acne-causing bacteria. It’s also the perfect add-on to any skin treatment to help maximise results and speed up recovery time. Depending on your skin concerns we have three Healite treatment options available including: Healite II - Treats a variety of skin concerns like rosacea, acne, ageing (the list goes on!) Individual treatment plans are designed specifically for you at your consultation. Healite II Boost - Includes a thorough cleanse and Healite LED treatment followed by a deep exfoliation using an ampoule of Glycolic+E+F to prepare the skins’ surface. We finish up by massaging an ampoule into the skin full of anti-ageing actives to nourish and feed the skin. Healite II add-on - Add on LED Therapy to another in clinic treatment for $50

Did somebody say benefits?

Penetrates deeply where it’s needed Enhances cellular recovery to improve healing Promotes collagen and elastin production Reduces fine lines and wrinkles Reduces active acne and treats scarring Can be used as a stand alone treatment or combined with other treatments to maximise recovery and results Can support hair regrowth by treating the scalp Boosts recovery after cosmetic procedures Non-invasive and pain free!

How many treatments will I need?

Regular Healite II LED therapy treatments are necessary to maintain your results. Although you may notice improvements after just one treatment, results will continue to improve with each subsequent session. We tailor courses of LED treatments according to the individual's needs.

Is there any downtime?

There’s no downtime or risk of complications with Healite II LED Therapy. Other than your skin being slightly flushed for 10-30 minutes after your treatment, you can get straight back to your day. The treatments are painless and very comfortable. In fact, most people find lying under the LED lights super relaxing, kind of like basking in the warm sunshine!

Handy to know

Healite II is TGA listed, which means it’s conducted clinical studies and trials that back up their amazing results. Each LED light includes Healite’s optical lens technology to focus and intensify light delivery to maximise treatment results.

SC Pro Tip

LED enhances your body’s natural cellular recovery to improve healing, reduce fine lines & wrinkles, reduce active acne and promote collagen and elastin production. We also use it to speed up wound healing! So if you’re after a treatment that does it all - this is it!