The Electric Dermaplaning Facial

Smooth, de-puff, lift and hydrate. Now we’re talkin’.

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A non-surgical face lift leaving skin smoother than ever before, fuzz free, sculpted and more hydrated than a bottle of water.

Give me the lowdown

Our Electric Dermaplaning Facial is a part of the Signature Microcurrent Facials we offer here at SC. It’s a 60-minute facial that involves a double cleanse and then we use our state-of-the-art MyoLift MD and Our MyoLift MD is a professional, clinical-only device with a microamp range of between 175-800, which defines it as a true microcurrent. This TGA/FDA approved and cleared device releases a true microcurrent which stimulates chemical reactions in the body to repair and heal at the cellular level such as ATP, lymph flow, collagen, and elastin production. The MyoLift MD device has unique waveforms that are controlled by our practitioner (can be switched on and off, up, or down, for bespoke treatments) to stimulate lymphatic circulation, lymphatic drainage, reprogram muscles to lengthen, firm loose tissue, assist in reducing the appearance of deep dermal wrinkles, refine texture and allow ionised substances of collagen and elastin to pass into the epidermis. Our practitioners will use the MyoLift Dermaplaning during your treatment, which will then be followed by physical Dermaplaning with a blade - this will get rid of all the dead skin and vellus hair. Praise be to the Smooth Skin Gods during this step. Our incredible clinical practitioners will then finish your Electric Dermaplaning Facial treatment with an anti-ageing serum, followed by a sheet mask with cryo sticks, ending with our favourite serums to give you the ultimate GLOW. After your Electric Dermaplaning Facial treatment, your skin tone is noticeably different- your face looks slimmer, tighter and like you’ve had a face lift. Your skin will be smooth and makeup will also glide on easier (thanks to all those pesky dead skin cells and vellus hairs who took a hike).

Is it right for me?

As results are instant, it’s ideal for same-day events, or simply book in frequently to achieve long-term benefits. If you suffer from rosacea, have sun damage or scarring, our Electric Dermaplaning Facial treatment will be your new best friend. Dermaplaning is an excellent treatment for anyone wanting a seriously smooth and totally glowing complexion. Please note: we do not recommend this treatment for pregnant babes, or anyone who has active or pustular acne, dark skin tones or skin that is prone to keloid scarring. Our Electric Dermaplaning Facial treatment is not recommended if you currently rely on any electrical implant devices such as a pacemaker. As electrical devices use an electrical current that keeps the devices working, and since the MyoLift also uses an electrical current, it can therefore interfere with the electrical signal of a pacemaker or cochlear ear implant in the body. If you have epilepsy or a history of seizures, we don’t recommend our MyoLift treatments. As epilepsy can be caused by abnormal electricity flow in neurons and cells inside our bodies, increasing the electrical current in the body with the application of the MyoLift microcurrent stimulation is not recommended. It is also not recommended you receive our Electric Dermaplaning Facial treatment, if you have been diagnosed with an active form of cancer, have had a recent facial procedure, have diabetes or a heart condition.

Did somebody say benefits?

Decrease inflammation, oedema, puffiness and swelling on the face (sounds like a tired mum’s dream). Skin is tighter and brighter. Gentle exfoliation of fine vellus hair leaves skin feeling silky smooth Makes your skin glowy AF, fast! Increases circulation and skin brightness Improved muscle tone Assists in reducing and treating acne. Reduces signs of scarring and sun damage. Improves elasticity in the skin. Skincare products penetrate more effectively Makeup glides on more effortlessly and evenly Perfect pre-party treatment when you want that extra glow! Assists the Golgi Tendon to release the tension on the muscles that are attached to the skin to soften fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging. Improves rosacea and reduces redness. Increases natural elastin and collagen production. Hydrates and revitalises skin.

How many treatments will I need?

The beauty of our Signature Microcurrent Facials is that they can be a standalone treatment – a once-off perfect pre big event, wedding, or red-carpet look. Or, for ongoing and long-term anti-ageing benefits, join our Face Workout Program, book in for 6-8 initial weekly treatments, followed by consistent quarterly or monthly treatments to achieve the best results.

Is there any downtime?

ZERO downtime. Skin is left tighter, more toned and glowy and ready for makeup to be applied.

Handy to know

The MyoLift MD device used in our Electric Dermaplaning Facial treatment is only currently available at Skin Collective, and in no other skin clinics in Perth, WA.

SC Pro Tip

To get the most out of your treatment results-wise we recommend BOOSTING our Signature Microcurrent Facials with other treatments such as, Neolifting techniques, Ultrasound, LED and/or Clinical Peels for the ultimate pain-free face lift and sculpt! Not sure which treatment you want to boost your skin with? Ask us! We’re here to help.