Green Peel Type P

Skip harsh abrasive microdermabrasion treatments.

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A step up from the fan favourite B Peel, consider it your level 2 Green Peel.

Give me the lowdown

Skip the harsh abrasive microdermabrasion treatments, but get the same amazing benefits with this gentle plant-based Green Peel Type P. A step up from our SC fav B peel, the ‘P’(Phyto) Peel is a mild skin resurfacing facial, that eliminates dead skin cells to reveal fresh, flawless and newly energised plump skin! Pure plant-based herbs are gently massaged into the top layers of the skin, which then dissolves over a course of 48-hours to achieve results similar to a strong microdermabrasion treatment - minus the harmful micro-injuries that can irritate the skin’s delicate acid mantle. During the dissolving time, the herbs release their nutritional properties, to provide an immediate glow and plumping effect on the skin. All hail the power of plants! Our gentle Green Peel Type P is amazeballs for targeting early signs of wrinkles, pigmentation, breakouts and congestion to give your skin that world famous instant SC glow up. It’s also safe for pregnant and breastfeeding babes!

Is it right for me?

Skin feeling congested or needing to break through some pesky pigmentation? We recommend the Green Peel Type P for problematic/acne prone skin as well as anyone struggling with hyperpigmentation, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles and rosacea. ​ Your Green Peel Type P can be customised based on your current skin concerns: • P Calmer - to treat redness, stripped barrier function, impaired skin, sensitivity and irritated/inflamed skin. • ​P Clearer - for problematic skin, acne, congestion and those oilier skin types. • ​P Brighter - to treat pigmentation, scaring and dullness. • ​P Younger - to treat dehydrated, dry skins and to improve ageing, fine lines and wrinkles.

Did somebody say benefits?

• ​Improves appearance of pigmentation, wrinkles and lines • ​Helps with detoxifying the skin and clearing congestion • ​Immediate plumping and glowing effect on skin • ​Chemical free, no abrasives. Just plant-based goodness • ​Long-lasting results • ​Gentle exfoliation for a smooth, glowing complexion • ​Helps products to penetrate the skin and work more efficiently • ​Can be performed fortnightly

How many treatments will I need?

Fab as a one-off treatment or as part of a longer-term treatment plan. You can have the Green Peel Type P as frequently as every fortnight.

Is there any downtime?

There is no hectic downtime with our Green Peel Type P facial, however you will experience some redness and itchiness straight after, as the herbs start doing their thang. Some slight shedding of the skin will also follow in the coming days. This is all part of the process to reveal that fresh smooth as a baby bottom smooth complexion!

Handy to know

Green Peels are all the rage right now. By harnessing the herbal power of plants, to visibly improve the appearance of your skin, Skin Collective have a range of 3 different green peels to suit all skin types and concerns. See our Green Peels Type B and C also.

SC Pro Tip

A little bit of shedding and some redness is expected post-treatment so this is not the facial to get directly before an event. Allow yourself enough downtime (psst 48-hours ish) when booking the P Peel in.