Vasculyse (AKA Skin Tag and Milia Removal)

Zap your way to evenly-toned skin!

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Keen to get rid of those pesky skin tags, milia and broken capillaries? Vasculyse is here to save the day!

Give me the lowdown

The Vasculyse treatment at our Perth clinic uses a thermocoagulation device that delivers a mild current to the skin to induce coagulation and remove the skin irregularity. During your skin tag and milia removal treatment the device will gently touch the surface of your skin and cause the irregularity to disappear instantly (we don’t call ourselves skin magicians for nothing!) The Vasculyse treatment offered at our Perth clinic is quick and relatively painless although you may feel a slight pinprick sensation. In most cases, the results from your Vasculyse treatment are permanent! How cool is that?!

What skin irregularities can be treated?

Broken/dilated capillaries Skin tags Milia Cherry angioma Vascular blemishes Spider veins Sebaceous hyperplasia

Is it right for me?

Before your Vasculyse procedure, a thorough consultation with one of our Registered Cosmetic Nurses is essential to ensure suitability for this treatment. This treatment is not recommended for pregnant babes or those with certain medical conditions including circulatory disorders and patients with a pacemaker or on blood thinners.

Did somebody say benefits?

Evens out your complexion by removing discolouration and skin irregularities (eg. broken capillaries, skin tags and milia) Results are instant and can be permanent No downtime treatment and virtually pain-free!

How many treatments will I need?

Usually only one skin tag and milia removal treatment is required, however this will depend on your individual concerns and the skin irregularity.

How long will results last?

Results are permanent (yes, really!) Skin tags and broken capillaries won’t return in the same spot, however new ones may appear on other parts of the body if you are prone to this type of skin irregularity.

Is there any downtime?

There’s absolutely no downtime with this procedure. Depending on your skin irregularity, you may experience minor scabs at the treatment site, however these will disappear quick smart! Vasculyse works on the upper layers of the skin, so there’s no scarring whatsoever.

Handy to know

The mild currents delivered during your Vasculyse treatment at our Perth clinic have been used in the cosmetic industry for decades, so you can rest assured the treatment is safe and produces high quality results!

SC Pro Tip

Did you know Vasculyse can be used as an add-on treatment? Team it with IPL facial rejuvenation to treat all those pesky vessels!