Green Peel Type C

Green Peels have just levelled up.

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New skin in 5 days! The Green Peel of all Green Peels that’ll transform your skin in less than a week!

Give me the lowdown

The next level in Green Peels has entered the chat. Introducing The Green Peel Type C - a deeply corrective skin-resurfacing peel that’ll have your complexion feeling brand-spanking new in just 5 days. This is your top level green peel recommended for those more stubborn deep-set concerns like acne, sun damage, scarring, sagging contours and aged skin. Including an in-clinic treatment and follow up prescription home-care, the Green Peel Type C is designed to speed up your natural cell renewal process from 30 days to just 5 days. A blend of powerful antioxidants and mineral rich herbs is massaged into your skin to help induce your natural collagen production and completely transform your complexion. Here’s the lowdown on what to expect: DAY 1: The glow up begins with your In-clinic treatment where the herbs are applied to your skin and massaged into the epidermal layers. Skin will feel tight and you will feel the tiny herb particles on the surface of your skin when touched. DAY 2: Your prescribed home care products are applied at home. The herb particles will start to dissolve over the next two days, and in the process, they release their bio-active ingredients – vitamins, minerals, trace elements and more. DAYS 3-4: Peeling begins! Which is exactly what you want! DAY 5: Return to SC for post-treatment to reveal your new skin. This treatment removes the final traces of old skin and applies a vitamin mask treatment rich in beneficial substances to protect your new skin.

Is it right for me?

Our Green Peel Type C is a treatment suitable for all skin types but is best for those who struggle with more deep-set concerns. We recommend this treatment for stubborn acne, scarring, aged skin and to improve overall firmness, texture and tone.

Did somebody say benefits?

• ​Increases circulation, detoxification and activates skin’s metabolism • ​Improves microcirculation - supplying skin with oxygen and nutrients • ​Stimulates growth of new skin cells • ​Promotes skin’s own collagen production • ​Improves skin tone, structure and firmness • ​Smoothes wrinkles and reduces appearance of scarring

How many treatments will I need?

The Green Peel Type C peel can be performed monthly and is best suited in a course of 3 treatments for best results.

Is there any downtime?

Be prepared for some downtime with this one. Initially your skin will feel tender to touch because the tiny herb particles will still be within your top layer of skin. By day 2-3 peeling will also begin, as the old skin cells shed away to reveal new ones! Don’t forget this treatment also requires you to continue with the home-care to maximise those glowing skin benefits. Then by day 5 - BAM! Glow baby glow!

Handy to know

Green Peels are all the rage right now. By harnessing the herbal power of plants, to visibly improve the appearance of your skin, Skin Collective have a range of 3 different green peels to suit all skin types and concerns. See our Green Peels Type B and P also.

SC Pro Tip

This is your top level Green Peel. If your skin is more sensitive or reactive, speak to our SC skin queens to find out if one of our other Green Peels is more suited to you.