Dr Spiller Collagen Glow Facial

A lush AF collagen facial for all skin types.

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If it's got Collagen and Glow in the name, you know it’s gotta be good!

Give me the lowdown

This lush AF collagen facial will have your skin feeling smooth, hydrated, plump and glowy! We mean, if it’s got Collagen and Glow in the name, how can you go wrong? Suitable for all skin types, this Dr Spiller facial has all the key elements for a hydrated and nourished complexion. We’re talking high-strength serums, hyaluronic acid and a collagen-infused fleece mask. Sounds pretty impressive, right? When applied, the soft-woven collagen fleece mask activates the serums and delivers powerful active ingredients to your skin to kick start cell-renewal to improve skin elasticity, texture and smooth lines and wrinkles. It also helps to soothe, hydrate and restructure damaged skin. Dr Spiller’s Hydrating Emulsion System, delivers essential hydration resulting in a beautiful and replenished complexion.

Is it right for me?

Got skin? It’s right for you. In all seriousness though, the Dr Spiller Collagen Glow Facial is next level amazing and is completely safe for all skin types and concerns.

Did somebody say benefits?

• ​Hydrates and plumps the skin • ​Gentle and suitable for all skin types • ​Infuses the skin with hydrating and nourishing actives • ​Smooths fine lines and wrinkles • ​Immediate glowy skin

How many treatments will I need?

Fabulous as a one-off treatment or an add on at the end of your other skin treatment, the Dr Spiller Collagen Glow facial can also be something you enjoy on the reg - we’re talking monthly, fortnightly or even weekly! The more the glowier!

Is there any downtime?

Ain’t no downtime with this collagen facial. Unless instant glowy, plump skin isn’t your thing?!

Handy to know

As we age, our skin naturally loses moisture which tips the delicate balance and can cause premature wrinkles and fine lines. Dr Spiller facials restore the balance and offer essential hydration to the skin so it can continue looking healthy and nourished.

SC Pro Tip

Fab as an add on treatment with your HydraGLOW facial for an even more vibrant, hydrated complexion.