Did you know that men have skin too?

Shocking, we know!
But science says it’s true.

And yet, there’s this pesky stigma around boys taking care of their skin.

And sure, men may have thicker skin thanks to all that extra collagen and elastin fibres (which also means less prone to wrinkles, you lucky menfolk!), but that doesn’t mean you can get away with just splashing some h2o on your face in the shower and considering it taken care of…

Men’s skin is rougher in texture and more likely to experience oiliness, which can lead to a very unwelcome visitor (we’re talking about acne, not that possum that set up camp in your roof).

Combating these issues is as easy as introducing a simple yet effective daily skincare routine, to help sweep away those dead skin cells, treat your skin, and leave it feeling fresh AF!

Our ‘Men's Essentials’ skin kit has everything you need to help you take better care of your skin and get it looking as awesome as it should.

(Oh and don’t worry, we promise it’s super simple and refreshingly uncomplicated!)

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