LYMA Laser Pro Facial in Perth

Zero pain, zero downtime, just instant results!

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Achieve instant results with our LYMA Laser Pro: a science-backed, advanced in-clinic laser therapy system, renowned for its transformative power for both face and body.

Give me the lowdown

The LYMA Laser PRO Facial is the ultimate luxe facial that’s designed to improve your skin, instantly. How, that’s impossible? The LYMA Laser Pro has unrivalled biological power, penetrating up to 10cm into the body, repairing as it goes. Engineered to deliver the transformational power of three LYMA Lasers inside one ultimate device, the LYMA Laser PRO has 3x larger treatment lens and delivers 3x faster results than the LYMA Laser. Your LYMA Laser Pro Facial will go for 45 minutes and will begin with a gentle double cleanse, followed by a tailored exfoliation treatment to ensure your skin is deeply clean. Our talented clinicians will then use Neolifting techniques, a specialised massage for the face and neck that stimulates both the skin and underlying deeper muscles and fibrous layers, to help lift and tone. These techniques used will help to get the blood flowing through the face of the area, allowing for a better, fresher result from your LYMA facial. Before we begin the LYMA Laser process, our clinicians will apply the LYMA Laser Oxygen Mist & Glide, designed to supercharge your LYMA experience and achieve incredible results. The LYMA Laser will then begin and the treatment will involve the lasers being pressed on the skin slowly, one laser in each of our clinician’s hands, in a slow sweeping/circular motion. There will be no pain or discomfort at all throughout the entire process. Once our team have finished with the LYMA Laser Pro part of the facial, we’ll finish the treatment by applying a Toskani Vitaflash Ampoule product to help brighten and tighten, followed by a specialised LYMA Skincare and LYMA cream for the ultimate and complete LYMA experience.

What skin irregularities can be treated?

Many. The LYMA Laser Pro Facial can help to treat scars and improve the healing process, skin tightening, muscle tone, acne scarring, wrinkles and fine lines, pigmentation, redness, cellulite, to name a few.

Is it right for me?

If you’re wanting to improve your complexion, prevent ageing, or target fine lines and wrinkles, then the LYMA Laser Pro Facial at our Perth clinic is perfect for you.

Did somebody say benefits?

The benefits of our LYMA Laser Pro Facial are endless. The LYMA Laser Pro has 700 x more power than all other at-home laser brands, 12 x more biological penetration (at the base layer of the skin) than in-clinic LED, and 4x more near-infrared healing power than leading in-clinic Low Level Laser technologies. Mostly, having a LYMA facial will transform the epidermis, dermis, fat, muscle and bone tissue simultaneously. Your skin will look firmer, tighter, younger, more lifted and with a more healthy, glowy and even complexion.

How many treatments will I need?

With our LYMA Laser Pro Facial, we recommend coming into the clinic as often as you like. Results are instant, and with no downtime. If you are as obsessed with the results as we are, you might want to look at investing in your very own LYMA Laser for unlimited sessions at home. The LYMA Laser isn’t as powerful as the LYMA Laser Pro we use in our clinic treatments, but it may help to keep your skin looking and feeling incredible in between facial appointments.

How long will results last?

Results are instant, but how long they last will determine on a number of factors - the quality and conditions of your skin, how regular you’re having a LYMA Laser Pro Facial at our Perth clinic and if you’re also following preventative measures to ensure you’re tackling your anti-ageing regime (skincare, serums, sunscreen).

Is there any downtime?

Zero. Zilch, and that’s what we love about LYMA.

Handy to know

LYMA won the Time Best Inventions 2023 Award, so you know you’ll be in good hands with LYMA.

SC Pro Tip

We recommend always using SPF50+ after your appointment and everyday on your face, neck (and body) to ensure you’re getting the most out of your LYMA Laser Pro Facials.