IPL Hair Reduction

Blunt razors and annoying in-grown hairs?

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Ain’t nobody got time for that! Get long term silky smooth skin with IPL Hair Reduction. 

Give me the lowdown

IPL Hair Reduction is a highly effective way to significantly reduce unwanted hair, permanently! It works by emitting a non-invasive, broad spectrum light in controlled pulses that are absorbed by the hair follicle. This causes the hair to heat up and damage the hair follicle so it’s not able to regrow. Pretty cool, huh? Around 5-10 days after your treatment, you’ll notice your hair in the treated area start to fall out (yippee!) This will continue to improve over subsequent sessions, we recommend around 6-8 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart to give you those long-term, silky smooth results! IPL Hair Reduction is not only time and cost effective, but it provides permanent results. No pesky, unwanted hair to worry about? Sounds like an excellent investment to us.

Is it right for me?

IPL Hair Reduction is an amazing treatment for babes wanting to keep their skin looking silky smooth, for the long term! Best results are seen on dark, coarse hair and light skin, because dark hair has a lot of pigment and can absorb plenty of heat. With lighter, blonde or red hair, we can assess in-clinic to determine whether there’s enough melanin around the root to give you worthwhile results.

Did somebody say benefits?

Quick, effective and no downtime treatment for unwanted hair Permanently reduces hair regrowth Only one maintenance session a year needed to keep those smooth skin results! Helps put a stop pesky ingrown hairs Excellent value for money

How many treatments will I need?

Although those pesky hairs won’t vanish right away, you can expect to see some progress a few days after your first treatment. For best results, most people will need 6-8 sessions, spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

Is there any downtime?

This treatment has zero downtime and minimal pain (other than a slight stinging sensation), which means you can get back to regular programming straight after your appointment. If you notice darkening of your freckles a few days after your IPL Hair Reduction session, don’t freak out! It’s totally normal. It can take up to a week before those dark spots start to fade, but this can be easily covered with makeup.

Handy to know

Generally you’ll lose around 20% of hair with each IPL treatment and after the third session you’ll often “purge”, which is when it seems as though you’ve had an increase in the amount of hair, but it’s actually just the hair starting to become more organised because it’s growing at the same time. After this point, you’ll start seeing a more dramatic reduction (up to 90%!)

SC Pro Tip

Investing in IPL Hair Reduction is a no brainer if you’re looking for long term results and value for money. Think of all those savings once you ditch the regular waxing and hair removal routine!