The Travel Edit - 5 tips to keep your skin hydrated when you fly!

Why do we tend to feel like we’ve survived seven days in the Sahara desert and look like a crinkled brown paper bag when pushing through the exit row of a Boeing 747?! One word… HUMIDITY! The amount of water vapour in the air, (or lack of it) when you’re 31,000ft high and climbing, affects the skin's ability to retain moisture. It basically zaps it outta ya! Hence your dry, tight, and oh-so-tired-looking face when you reach your destination.

So if you want to step off the plane looking a little more like Victoria Beckham and a little less ‘I’m a celebrity, get me outta here!’, here are our top tips to ensure you stay hydrated from the moment you check in to your flight, to when you arrive at your air bnb.

1. Drink up, buttercup!

Think of getting on a flight, like prepping for a marathon. Water loading is key! Sometimes it can be a challenge to drink 2-3 litres on even a regular day, so my advice is to get yo’self a sexy emotional support water bottle and add in some Imbibe Beauty Renewal. It will make drinking water that much more tasty and support your insides, skin and gut - all at the same time.


2. Use Hyaluronic Acid daily, baby!

The best way to increase moisture is to add in a Hyaluronic Acid serum UNDER your moisturizer to your daily skincare regime. My go-to is the super velvety PCA Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum.

Oh, and never forget the eyes! Cosmedix Opti Crystal Liquid Crystal Eye Serum (aka unicorn tears), not only gives you the long-lasting hydration you need with its fancy drip-feeding technology, but it also has a copper complex that firms and tones the skin.

3. Get those potent ingredients on your face!

So your bags are checked in and you’re waiting to board, finding yourself with some well-earned relaxation time and your top 5 trashy magazines in hand. This is the time to crack open a Mesoestetics Proteoglycan Ampoule (you can purchase these bad boys in clinic, coming soon to online) and generously apply it to your face, neck and dec. It will protect your precious skin from the flying elements by feeding it moisture - vitamin C (for brightening) and vitamin F (essential fatty acids). 

4. Sheet Mask Up! 

Be that boujee babe in seat 23B and pop on a face mask, while your up in the air. But if you are anything like me, super awkward and clumsy at the best of times, save your Societe Rejuvenating Peptide Mask for your arrival. A good quality sheet mask in combination with a tailored cosmeceutical-grade skincare regime will ensure you’re always glowing, even after a long haul flight.

5. Level up your Beauty Sleep

What can you do once you’ve landed on your five-day exotic holiday, I hear you ask?! Aspect’s Probiotic Sleep Mask is our go-to for taking your beauty sleep to a whole new level. It's rich in moisture and will rebalance your skin’s microenvironment overnight to ensure you start the day feeling fresh and ready for whatever cocktails you need to drink by the pool that day..


If you have time, work in some in-clinic skin TLC by booking in for a hydrating lactic acid peela few days before you fly. Lactic Acid (known as an AHA Peel) binds to water by 1000 times its body weight leaving your skin ridiculously hydrated and plump, while also removing any dead unwanted cells that ruin your glow.

At Skin Collective we’re a little nerdy about skin health and want to help you get to know your skin inside and out! So don’t look like you have a brown paper bag on your face! Prep for flying and if you’re not sure how, pop in for a chat at our oh-so-cute clinic in Applecross.

Now go on and enjoy that well-earned vacay, you babe!


Sara's skincare travel essentials!