Meet our Nutritional Therapies

written by Eloise

The 7 Nutritional IVs you should know about

The new wellness treatment all the celebs swear by, and we mean all!


If it’s good enough for Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber and the one-and-only, Victoria Beckham, you better believe it’s good enough for you too!

Even Brad Pitt, Rhianna and Gwyneth are doing it.

Nutritional IVs and vitamin infusions are all the rage right now. And not just because your favourite celebs and reality TV personalities (selling sunset anyone?) are all about them, but because they are bloody good for you too!

Designed to deliver a potent dose of nutrients, vitamins, electrolytes and antioxidants directly to your bloodstream (hello efficient!), these IV therapies are packed full of all the good stuff to make you look great, feel amazing and have your bod functioning at its optimum.

Not to mention the wonders they do for your skin! Hello radiant complexion and that signature SC skinside out GLOW!

Whether you need a serious energy boost to put jetlag, fatigue or even that weekend hangover at bay or simply want to kickstart your immune system and get some nutrients in ya so you can fight off any bugs, there is an IV that can help.

Feeling fatigued? There’s an IV for that.

Got brain fog? There’s an IV for that.

Immune system in struggle town? There’s an IV for that.

Just completed a triathlon? Well, you guessed it, there’s an IV for that!

Administered by our registered nurses, each of our IVs and Injections have been specifically formulated for a particular purpose, so we have something for no matter what you need.

Here they are in all their glory…

Meet our signature Nutritional IV’s and Vitamin Injections:


It’s all in the name, this IV has the LOT! Antioxidants, Vitamin C, B12 and a cocktail of immunity-boosting nutrients that’ll give you a big ol’ BOOST in energy, mental clarity and all-round vitality baby!


Our go-to IV if your bod is crying out for some serious hydration. Perfect both before and after a big athletic performance.


This recovery IV therapy provides antioxidants, minerals, & vitamins to give you a wellness boost when you’re feeling rundown or if you ‘overexerted’ yourself over the weekend (if ya know what we mean…)


A powerful mix of antioxidant-rich vitamins including Vitamin C and Glutathione, this is the ultimate glow up for your skin from within.


If you struggle with fatigue, poor sleep and a foggy head, this is the only shot you need to increase your energy levels again!


Ditch the OJ and get juiced up with a potent dose of Vitamin C with our Vit C infusion for ultimate immune and skin support.


The one that the Bieber's swear by, this is the IV that truly gets to the cell level to rejuvenate you from the cells to your skin.


Can’t find your Nutritional IV perfect match? Choose your shots and mix up your own cocktail of potent wellness juice.

Discover our nutritional therapies!

Honestly, there really is no better way to fuel your body and get a big ol dose of vitamins and nutrients in you than with an SC Nutritional IV!

Of course, we like to think we were ahead of this trend way before it was made cool by the Kardashian clan.

At SC we understand the link between looking after yourself from within in order to achieve beautiful, healthy glowing skin, which is why we’ve been offering IV and vitamin injections in clinic for the past few years.

Call it cheating if you like, we call it efficient! And holistic wellness at its finest!

Book your Nutritional IV (link to contact-page) and get ready to feel AH-Mazing!