Healthy Winter Skin in 6 Easy Steps!

written by Eloise Smith

Winter fashion - cosy knits, trench coats, leather boots...we’re here for it! 
Winter skin - not so much! 

Along with the days getting shorter and the temps getting cooler, sadly you may notice some changes to your skin too. 

We’re talking dryness, dullness and dehydration.

Not a vibe.

When your skin is exposed to the harsh winter elements such as icy air and frosty winds, your skin barrier doesn’t like it. A compromised skin barrier is bacteria’s favourite place to take up residence and then redness, irritation and breakouts occur!

Even the joyful things about winter, like sitting by a cosy fire, indoor heating and those super long ‘don’t make me get out of here’  hot showers, can zap moisture and protective oils from your skin.

So you need to protect that skin barrier of yours at all costs! 

Here’s how in 6 simple steps!

1. Up the moisture

Yep, it’s that time of year to switch up your moisturiser. Out with the light-weight summer products and in with the moisture-rich hunnies! Switching to a heavier moisturiser with added vitamins and antioxidants, will help your skin lock in its oh-so-important protective oils. Your moisturiser is your final step in your skincare regime (before applying spf that is) because it works as a defensive barrier from environmental stressors like, wind for example. 

If you aren’t already, we also suggest adding Hyaluronic acid to your skincare regime. Our old friend HA binds water by 1000 x its body weight, meaning your cells become hydrated AF and so does your skin! 


2. Exfoliate the bad vibes away

Exfoliating is important all year round. That’s why we suggest making it part of your routine 1-3 times a week. If dry skin and even flaking is becoming a bit of an issue for you during the winter months, you can up your weekly exfoliating to closer to 3 times to help get rid of dry, flaky skin cells and regenerate fresh new skin cells.

SC TIP: Make sure you are choosing a gentle exfoliant that is prescribed for your skin type. Exfoliating should never feel like sandpaper scratching against your face. We stock a range of non-abrasive chemical and physical exfoliants in clinic and online.


3. Keep up the hydration

Dehydrated skin is often a sign of a dehydrated body. What’s going on inside, always shows up on the outside. If you want your skin to look and feel plump, you need plum, happy, hydrated cells.

Drink that H2O babayyyy. We know sometimes it can be harder to drink your 2L a day when its cold outside, so we suggest finding fun ways to flavour your water. Using the Imbibe Beauty Renewal will not only make your water taste like a berry-licious treat, but supports your insides too!



Remember to slip, slop, slap! Sunscreen ain’t just for the summer time. Unfortunately, no matter the season those hectic UV rays can still damage your skin. In fact, sometimes its those sneaky cloudy days that do the most damage. So wear your sunscreen every day to avoiding redness, irritation and sun damage.


5. Check your cleanser is fragrance-free 

Make sure your cleanser is fragrance and chemical free. Both of these can worsen dryness by stripping your skin of its natural oils, which you need! FYI If you shop with SC you can feel confident nothing we stock contains nasty ingredients.


6. Get a skin profesh to treat your skin

Still struggling with winter skin issues that just ain’t budging? Come visit us at Skin Collective to see one of our super nerdy-for-skin dermal therapists for a thorough consultation and treatment. We can help you ditch dryness and dehydration with a relaxing af facial, something more advanced or simply help you choose the best skincare products for your skin’s needs.


Taking care of your skin in winter is as important as taking care of yourself. It not only helps you look and feel your best, but protects your body and skin from feeling dehydrated and dry from the cold.

So make sure you treat your skin with the TLC it deserves this winter!